It wasn’t so long ago that I was writing about the heat and dry weather we have been having. Well, it pays to keep your mouth closed at times.

Rescue crews have been kept busy by outback floodwaters and record-breaking rains, which have continued to cause havoc in South Australia’s north and west, washing away roads as well as cars.

The weather bureau said some locations had set “all-time records” in terms of rainfall, while social media is awash with photos and videos of inundated highways. 

Several people were rescued by the State Emergency Service (SES) after becoming trapped by floodwaters — including one who was swept 80 metres downstream and waited on top of his semi-submerged car for “at least four hours” as crews travelled to his remote location.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the downpours were partly due to moisture left behind by ex-Tropical Cyclone Tiffany.

Senior meteorologist Paul Lainio said moisture had been “pouring in from the tropics” and was being drawn into a trough and “turned into rain and thunderstorms”.

“It’s very unusual for that humidity to push down into the southern states, and South Australia is one of the driest states,” he said.

“Whenever you have such humidity, a thunderstorm might develop and you’ll get localised heavy impacts.”

Ironically it has been extremely humid and my air conditioner has been going full steam to get rid of the heat and humidity. But I won’t have to water my garden for some time.