Chris O'Connor
Chris O’Connor

It may be freezing in good old Blighty and I do feel sorry for you, really . . . but down under some parts of the nation are experiencing temperatures no sane human would want to go out in – or have a darn good air conditioner.

While I am enjoying a temperate Christmas period a small town in the North of Western Australia (Onslow) has managed to crack 50.7 degrees (123.6 Fahrenheit). 

It is not the first time that temperature has been reached. Back in 1960 a town in central Australia reached the same temperature. The high temperature in Onslow is all the more horrible when you consider it is a coastal town. Onslow is 1386 kilometres from Perth with 848 residents.

And there was no relief for towns nearby who went over 50 degrees.

Despite experience the eye watering highest temperature local residents took it in their strides. With one resident saying “Just another day in this area”. I think he’s quite mad but then each to their own.

Most people were pragmatic about the high temps and looked to beat the heat however they could.

Those who had air conditioning spent the day inside, while those without spent the day forced to venture some shade under a large tree or keep themselves cool or under the garden sprinklers.

Me? . . . I’m just thankful I can live in the south of Australia even though it gets hot at times.