Phoenix Bird Of Prey Rescue is situated just outside of Watton and is a small charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild birds of prey across Norfolk and Suffolk.  We have been running for 10 years and during this time have released a staggering 600+ birds back to the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside.

In 2022, 70% of our rescued birds were rehabilitated and released. Many of the birds we saw were due to car collisions, starvation and most devastatingly, the loss of their natural wild habitat. With the help of our volunteers and the general public we ensure that these birds remain protected and given a second chance at life.

One of our successful rehabilitation story’s involves Tatty, a tawny owl. Tatty was found by a member of the public near Thetford who was concerned about his welfare. On inspection he was found to have a wound to his head which had unfortunately lead to fly strike. Due to the nature of the wound, Tatty required daily flushing and cleaning of the area, alongside regular feeds, which required around the clock care.

After Several months of Rehabilitation and once the wound had fully healed, Tatty was moved into a hack aviary which was donated by one of our lovely volunteers.  The hack aviary provided Tatty with a confined safe environment in which he could be fed over a period of time. After a few months Tatty was back to full health and released back into the wild to enjoy his natural habitat.