Well that was a pretty wet and windy Christmas and after as we now look at New Year. Nothing has
changed only extra wind. If you are fit the best thing is a walk and a look at the gardens in your area and
a stately if you have time to see what’s coming along and how others manage winter weather. Then go
and have a wander round your own garden and be pleasantly surprised at what you have that looks good.
It might be a few bulbs poking through or a primrose plant that will have fresh leaves. Next week it’s
almost sure there will be flower buds hiding away. I have a few large and rather expensive snowdrops
that will be in flower very soon. Checking today I found the first leaf. There are also quite a few bulbs
showing and these will multiply in the next week or two. Say it soft but you might also notice the odd
weed. Whilst wandering make a note of anything such as sheds or fences that got damaged during the
wet and windy. If you haven’t time or materials to fix them now your New Year’s resolution is to get
them fixed.
Happy New Year