I apologise for being missing in action last week but as the advice for most, if not all, of January is the
same. Keep off waterlogged soil and grass (recent weather has provided a lot of that). Repair any
damage caused by the heavy winds if practicable. We have a damaged fence panel but have decided to
leave things until the one next to it makes up its mind regarding falling down. Procrastination has its
uses. If you can get near the beds check for wind-rock on shrubs and re-firm them.
One of the best gardening presents ever landed at Christmas. It’s a calendar of seed-sowing dates for
vegetables for the no-dig system. Brilliant. Mulch accessible soil, prepare beds and paths, cover thick
weed growth with cardboard and lay compost on top or spread the compost first then cover the lot with
polythene. All according to weather, of course, but the best advice of all – ignore any seed packet advice
to sow in January. I spent many years worrying that I was going to be late. Now I know and won’t worry
ever again.