Finally, finally I have managed to persuade the last apples off the tree. It required a bit more force than the recommended ‘slight tug’ to get the last three off so I celebrated by eating one. It was like scrumping all over again! Delicious and yes, mother, I did clean it – wiped on my shirt. She’d have had a fit.

Another ‘finally’ is that the asparagus has started to go golden at the tips of the fern. This is rather later than usual but the fern will shortly all turn brown and the whole stems can be cut to the ground. This means I will be able to see more of the garden as a result.

The lawn should need less attention now, at least cut back on mowing with the blades raised but it’s a good idea to keep raking out the thatch and top dress for autumn. Reseed any bare patches. The book I am checking now suggests preparing for bare-root planting next month.

A whole border will need to be dug over, removing all plant material especially the roots and dig in plenty of organic matter. That sounds fine but they recommend that if you only want to plant one tree or shrub you should dig the hole and drive in a stake if necessary. I am not too sure about this as on sandy soil I would guess the hole would fill in with a good autumn rain storm.

I think I would be tempted to dig the area over and make sure there were no perennial weed roots, adding compost then digging the hole on the arrival of the new tree/shrub. I suppose you pays your money and takes your choice.

Keep weeding.