A builder living in Breckland, who used his own front garden to dump construction rubble, including toilet cisterns and bathroom fixtures, has been fined £500 by Breckland Council.

Residents complained to Breckland Council about a build-up of waste, including drawers, building materials, rubble, and bathroom materials, some of which had been transported to the address as part of his building business activities, then stored in the front garden of a residential area, causing significant eyesore.

Breckland Council’s Enforcement Team investigated and discovered the dump had been in place for a significant time and was being added to on a weekly basis. As well as using their front lawn as a builder’s dump, the resident was also using their household bin to dispose of construction waste.

The resident was issued with fixed penalty notices for two offences, totalling £500, and a Community Protection Warning, instructing the resident to remove the commercial and construction waste within 3 weeks. The resident has also been prevented from allowing the build-up of construction waste going forward, otherwise a court prosecution would be the next step.

Cllr Ian Sherwood, Executive Member for Waste, Environmental Health, Licensing & Sustainability at Breckland Council, commented: “Our swift investigation has brought this inappropriate situation to an end, protected the environment and guaranteeing our residents do not have to suffer seeing extensive builders’ waste mount up in this residential area in future.”

To find out what you can and can’t put in your Breckland household bin visit www.breckland.gov.uk/rubbish/household-waste