Disaster Averted at Inner Wheel!!

Many clubs will have faced the problem Watton Inner Wheel Club had on the occasion of their November meeting. Their speaker for the evening rang the day before to say she had the dreaded Covid so obviously could not come.

Fortunately our intrepid President Pauline came to the rescue and found a member of the club who would fill in with a DVD presentation of a visit she had made to America with her husband and a couple of friends.

So instead of disaster we were treated to a virtual visit to Los Angeles, San Fransisco and three of the National Parks including the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. A real treat on a rather cold and dreary November evening and bringing back some memories for a couple of members who had also visited these places in previous years.

We were pleased to welcome a visitor to our meeting as a prospective new member. Our Membership officer, Carole is spearheading a recruitment campaign in the hope of reaching some more ladies who would like to come and enjoy the Inner Wheel commitment to Friendship, Fun and Fundraising.

I would like to expand a bit on those three commitments. Firstly and almost most importantly, Friendship. We all need friends and over the years of membership many Inner Wheel members have been very grateful for their Inner Wheel friends, Contacts by phone and socially distanced visits during Covid lockdowns and car rides to help those without transport and when tragedy or illness sadly occurs friends are invaluable.

Then Fun, and we do have fun, with a number of social events during the year which we all look forward to and enjoy. Good food often comes into it of course, but what is better than sitting down to a nice meal with good friends? Some outings and events have not been possible lately but we are hoping the new year will bring more opportunities for fun.

Fundraising has always been an important element of our club’s year. Many people in Watton will have been to our barn dances, lunchtime concerts and strawberry teas and these events have all raised often quite large sums which have benefitted charitable organisations, local, national and international. They involve work and organisation on our part but the friendship and fun we have in these events and the friends we have made in our community are equally important to us. As restrictions fade they will return!

Which brings me very nicely to a reminder that we shall be having our usual Pretty Parcel stall at the Watton Festive Market on November 28th and a coffee morning at the Methodist Hall on December 4th. We hope to see you there.

For information about Inner Wheel and to enquire about membership please contact either Brenda Davis (Club Correspondent )01952881792 or Carole Haythorpe ( Membership Officer) on 01953884056