Pictured above Members lighting candles for Inner Wheel past present and future and for our International friends. From left to right, Stella Leonard, Linda Thomas Maureen Hart, and Fran Parker. After two years of not being able to do more than a very modest gathering, it was wonderful on Friday, May 13th to be able to welcome guests from other Inner Wheel Clubs in the District to help us celebrate our 41st birthday.

Watton President Pau;line Baldry with District Chairman Coral Campbell At our Birthday Supper
Watton President Pau;line Baldry with District Chairman Coral Campbell At our Birthday Supper

The event was held in the Queens Hall with a superb Birthday supper laid on by club members for our guests. President Pauline was very pleased to welcome our District Chairman Coral Campbell, (who is from the Hunstanton club), and Watton Rotary President Paul Weatherill and also among the guests was Tom Griffin, currently the National Rotary President. Other guests came from Bungay, Ely, Hunstanton, Thetford and Woodbridge.

The speaker for the evening was David Morton telling us about Windsor Castle. David has an extensive knowledge of all things about the castle from it’s very beginning by William the Conquerer who started it in 1069, to the present day. He added some little details such as it being the best time to visit on Sunday afternoons when, a while ago it had been quite common for visitors to see the Queen out and about walking her dogs. Did you know too that the Crown jewels do not belong to the Queen , they belong to the State and ultimately to us… and no, you can’t have any to sell!

A whistle stop tour through the various Kings and Queens who have lived in the castle and the various alterations to it that have happened over the years made it a fascinating talk enjoyed by us all.

It was then time for supper and it is always satisfying to see a table almost groaning with a delicious selection disappear leaving just the odd sandwich or piece of cake.

I think we all went home having had a very enjoyable evening.

Club members had also enjoyed a sausage and mash supper in a member’s home as a fundraiser for President Pauline’s charity this year which is the East Anglian Air Ambulance and a very satisfactory £278 was raised, and quite a lot of sausages were eaten as well.
The next excursion for 10/11 of members is to Ely for a rally to celebrate their International evening. We also have an event we are calling Joanny’s Walk when we are going to Lyndford Arboretum to walk, as far as our limitations let us, for the Stroke Association which is the District Chairman’s charity for her year. We hope to raise a sizeable sum, and, no doubt, also enjoy a cup of coffee in the hall.

We hope we shall see lots of people with children at the Town’s Jubilee Picnic in the Youth Centre on June 4th when we shall be helping children make a crown with lots of lovely colourful bits and pieces to stick on a readymade cardboard crown. It should be fun!
As I write this I can see out of my window that a wisteria in the garden, as well as being in it’s allotted space, has climbed to the top of a tree and is looking wonderful. I hope everyone is enjoying this colourful time of the year and the sunshine we have been luck enough to have.

Brenda Davis Club Correspondent