The weather was truly wild for the last Wild Church gathering on Sunday 6th February. However that did not stop the hardy community of Watton coming together.

Loch Neaton was a hive of activity. There was a group of volunteers hard at work looking after the Loch grounds. George from Songbird Survival was our guest for the session. George taught us about the birds, we got to see a birds nest up close and we were gifted with lots of things for our feathered friends. 

We created bird feeders and went on a walk to complete the bird trail. We thought about the different types of feathers as we ended our time together in prayer and with bird nest cakes! 

Coloured feathers – showing off to attract a mate. Think about a peacock feather or red like a robin’s red breast. Pray for your friends. Feathers that camouflage – sometimes we might not want to be noticed. Ask God for courage when we find ourselves in new and difficult situations. Downy feathers – these are so soft and warm to protect a bird from the cold. Thank God for God’s protecting love and be reminded that we are held safe by God at all times. 

Our next session is Sunday 6th March meeting at Loch Neaton at 1pm. We will be going on a community litter pick. Bring your own or borrow our litter pick equipment. Meet back at Loch Neaton for cake and conversation at 2pm. Bring your own hot drink and dress for the weather. 

Keep up to date @wildchurchnorfolk and to learn more about the birds and donate to this charity visit