Wild Church met at Loch Neaton on Sunday 6th March. The theme for this month was ‘love where you live.’ There was chance to go litter picking. We were encouraged to pray as we picked. Either in silence or stopping en route as we felt led. There was a quiz with questions to answer as we walked around our community, prayer prompts as we thought about those in our communities, our nation and the world. #prayforUkraine 

We came back together and enjoyed some excellent homemade cakes and a chance to have a chat! For those more wild amongst us there was opportunity to enjoy the thrills of the fair next door at the sports centre! 

We collected six full bags of litter which I guess is nothing to celebrate. Please put your litter in the bin, use the dog poo bins provided or take your litter home. Well done to everyone that worked so hard to tidy up. 

Thankyou to Watton Town Council for lending us the litter picking equipment. If you would like to organise a litter pick you can also arrange to borrow the equipment by getting in touch directly with the town council. 

*Competition* – we are inviting you to design a poster to encourage others to clean up after themselves – eg put their litter in the bin, discard of their dog poo bags properly or discard their PPE safely. You can use a computer or design it by hand. Bring your poster entry (A4) to our next gathering. The winning poster will receive a prize. All entrants will also receive a small prize. We hope to laminate your posters to display in the area.

We next meet Sunday 3rd April 1-2.30pm at Loch Neaton. We will be celebrating the arrival of Spring. There will be planting seeds, guided meditation, blossom origami, spring spotter hunt and of course cake and conversation! All are welcome. 
Wild Church is provided for free however if you would to donate towards the work then please do so here. Each contribution is grateully appreciated.  https://ko-fi.com/wildchurchnorfolk