Mid-Norfolk Debt Centre reveals top ten energy tips ahead of a winter of high prices

As we prepare for high energy bills this winter, Mid-Norfolk Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre is offering local people advice and support.

The Fountain of life church in Ashill, Norfolk run a local CAP Debt Centre, offering help to local people in debt and poverty, have revealed their top ten tips to help people on a low income make it through this winter.

Heather Nunn, Debt Centre Manager said: “This year we’ve seen the cost of pretty much everything rise so it’s more important now than ever to try to manage your money as best you can and ask for help if you need it, particularly as energy is going to cost a lot this winter.

“Our Church and local CAP Debt Centre want to be here to offer help and advice to our community during this challenging time and are continuing to provide people in need with practical and emotional support in Norfolk.

“We hope those struggling to afford their energy bills will find our tips to be helpful. We would also encourage any local people in need to contact us if they want to find out more about the free help Christians Against Poverty can offer.”

CAP Mid-Norfolk Debt Centre’s 10 top tips which can help people with rising energy costs this winter:

  • 1. Keep yourself and your family warm this winter. Please put your health first this winter. It’s very important to make sure to keep yourself and your family warm and eat hot meals, especially on the colder days of winter so your physical and mental health isn’t put at risk. Hopefully some of the following tips will help you to do that.
  • 2. Ensure that your meter readings are accurate and that you are only paying for the energy you use.
  • 3. Investigate whether your home needs insulation to keep as much of the heat you are paying for in your home rather than having it escape through the roof and walls. Find local sources of support for warmer homes such as boiler grants and free loft insulation. For more details see: simpleenergyadvice.org.uk
  • moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/free-cavity-loft-insulation or moneysavingexpert.com/family/grant-grabbing
  • 4. Check if you can make your home more energy efficient. On a similar theme to our last tip, on the Gov.uk website there’s also information about energy efficiency measures to help bring down costs. https://www.gov.uk/improve-energy-efficiency 
  • 5. Heating yourself instead of the room. Heating yourself is likely to be more cost effective than constantly having your thermostat on a really high temperature heating the air first. There’s always the classic option of wrapping up in a cosy jumper, thermal socks, and a thick blanket before deciding whether or not to put the thermostat up any higher.
  • 6. Use cold water for handwashing, take shorter showers and unplug your microwave. These are all little savers tips but doing things like this can consistently really help save money, especially when prices are so high. It’s the soap that kills the bacteria, not the hot water. A microwave uses energy to power its clock 24/7. By unplugging it when you’re not using it, you can really cut down on electricity.
  • 7. Make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to. Use the Government’s Benefits Calculator to see what benefits you may be eligible for. https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators 
  • 8. Visit free Warm Welcome Hubs. Visiting free indoor venues will mean you don’t have to use your own energy at home and can also connect you with your local community. CAP is working in partnership with the Warm Welcome Hubs initiative, providing warm spaces in churches across the UK. Check here for your nearest Warm Welcome Hub https://www.warmwelcome.uk/
  • 9. Contact your energy company if you have any concerns about struggling to pay your bills. Your supplier has a responsibility to work with you and offer extra help and advice to try and make sure you can afford your energy bills.
  • 10. If you are in energy arrears or have other debts, seek free debt help from Christians Against Poverty or another free debt help service. You can find the support you feel is best for you at www.moneyhelper.org.uk. Get in contact with CAP today on 0800 328 0006 or visit capuk.org.