One of the items fly tipped in ThetfordOne of the items fly tipped in Thetford

A Thetford resident has received two Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) totalling £800 for fly tipping in a residential area of the town.

Breckland Council’s Enforcement Officers, along with Serco colleagues, carried out an inspection after receiving a report of domestic waste being dumped near garages on St Martin’s Close.

Local residents helped to identify the perpetrator after they spotted the fly tipped items in a car boot the day before. Further investigation saw Enforcement Officers discover that there had been another fly tip nearby that could also be linked to the same Thetford resident.

The resident admitted dumping the waste and was given the opportunity to clear it, but this was not carried out in the given timescale, resulting in a fine of £800 by the district council.

Cllr Gordon Bambridge, Executive Member for Waste and Environment at Breckland Council, said: “The fly tipping of domestic waste is completely inexcusable as there are a number of legitimate ways to dispose of rubbish, including at local waste and recycling centres, via the council’s bulky waste collections service, or by donating intact toys, clothes and furniture to charity. We’re grateful to the vast majority of residents who dispose of their waste correctly and help protect our towns and rural areas.”

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