Watton Sensory Garden Roses

As previously advised, Watton & District Rotary Club have added a Rose Garden to the Sensory Garden at the Dragonfly Gallery in Watton, in memory of our late long term member Martin Anscombe who sadly passed away in July.

Three Rotary Sunrise Roses have now been donated to the Dragonfly Gallery and planted by Dragonfly Gallery staff, they have now been dedicated by Martin’s civil partner Helen in a short ceremony, and Helen placed a plaque in the ground in dedication.

Two of the roses were donated by Watton Rotary Club, and the third rose was donated by Peter Beales Roses, Attleborough, who are our growing and marketing partners for the roses.

The dedication was also attended by Rotarians Dr Mike Harvey, who made the arrangements with the Dragonfly Gallery, Mike Haythorpe and David Branson, plus Dragonfly member Bronwen Tyler, and Roger Harrold and Katharine Wolstenholme from Wayland Partnership. The Dragonfly Gallery kindly provided coffee and biscuits afterwards.

Watton & District Rotary Club