West Norfolk Aviation Society
at Mundford Bowls Club

The WNAS prides itself on its efficiency and, with Chairman Chris H and Commander David
A at the helm, this years AGM was conducted with alacrity, hilarity and brevity: 23mins and
20secs from beginning to end, which, included the endorsement of last years minutes and
matters arising therefrom.
Apologies for absence were accepted from two major players: the Secretary Mark B who was
unavoidably masterminding movements of air traffic at Norwich Airport and, Technical
advisor and projectionist Steve C who was managing paramedical duties in the field.
The treasurer, David A, reported a healthy bank balance and the speaker seeker, John B, has
engaged four talks for the coming year. All existing officers were re-appointed except Fred
M, website manager, who was unsure whether personal circumstances might limit his future
attendance at the meetings.
It was reassuring that recent fiscal fumbling and inflation has had no effect on subscriptions
which, still stand at £10 a year thanks, largely, to raffle runner extraordinaire John H and the
generosity of most of the members themselves.
The Chair proposed a vote of thanks to the Crew and to our esteemed caterers Val and Len.
The rest of the evening was left in the charge of John Blakely, a guest and member of an
alternative aviation society, who had created a quiz involving the depiction of various aerial
photographs from all over the world. Teams were soon formed and their remit was to identify
the locations of the airfields with the assistance of topical and cryptic clues which John had
conjured himself. He also used material he had photographed himself. Seasoned international
aviators did not necessarily have the advantage: hobbyist simulator pilots were also in with a
chance. The normal practice of cheating prevented the identification of a winning team.
The splinter group which meets on the ensuing Friday morning were fewer in number but just as
vocal. It was interesting to note how a deeper insight into our personalities
became apparent. Without the common interest in Aeroplanes we were now different people:
either 60s pop stars, racing car drivers or Harley Davidson trike aficionados.

Please find here: www.westnorfolkaviationsociety.org.uk details of WNAS Calendar, Photos, Press Releases, and any changes to the schedule.

Nigel Tooth