Come and visit us
You will find a warm welcome if you come along to one of our meetings.
Currently we are meeting monthly on Sunday afternoons at 4pm at the Watton Youth & Community Centre in Harvey Street (next meeting is June 26th), and also three other times through the month either on Zoom or in-person using a local home.
Currently we are running a weekly Alpha Course.

What to expect?
We are a group of local Christians, from a variety of backgrounds and a mix of ages. Our church is linked to a larger network or family of churches called Relational Mission ( and you may have come across some of our other churches locally such as in Attleborough, Dereham, Thetford and Wymondham. A normal meeting consists of some sung worship with contributions from those attending. We use contemporary worship songs. There will also be a Bible-based talk and an invitation to receive prayer and we finish with home-made refreshments!
We expect that when we come together to worship God He is present with us – that is pretty powerful and so we expect people to not only hear about God but to experience and know him for themselves.

What are we about?
Alongside the existing churches in the town, we have a message of great hope for everyone, everywhere and which people need to hear about. Our church makes much of Jesus Christ and loves nothing better than telling people who he is and what he has done. As our name implies, we want people of every nationality to experience this, and we want to play our part in sending this message out from Watton to all the nations too.

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Contact us or 07949 781 401.