Breckland Council have adopted a new County wide strategy designed to protect specific designated wildlife sites from the increase in visitors due to new residential development within Norfolk.

The strategy has been produced following a two-year project via the Norfolk Strategic Planning Policy Framework Group which includes all Norfolk district councils, the County Council as well as stakeholders such as Natural England.

As well as sites within the other Norfolk districts, the policy relates to The Brecks within Breckland District. The evidence that underpins this work indicates that within the next 15 years there will be a 30% increase in visitors to The Brecks.

The new strategy provides financial support for the provision of rangers, monitoring of sites, signage for footpaths as well as an educational programme. This will be paid for by a tariff of £185.93 which will be paid on all new dwellings when they are granted planning permission.

Cllr Sarah Suggitt, Executive Member for Planning, Leisure and Contracts, Breckland Council said: “ Whilst there is a legal requirement to ensure that policies and decisions of the Local Planning Authority do not impact adversely on sensitive wildlife sites and have this strategy in place, we are pleased to support a strategy that will protect such important and wildlife rich areas such as The Brecks for generations to come”.