The West End Waiters Farewell ConcertThe West End Waiters Farewell Concert

On Sunday, March 20th The West End Waiters held what is to be their final public concert after 10 years of entertaining groups across the County. They have sung in so many village and church halls to so many different groups from WIs to Horticultural societies to pensioner groups and even to campers at Banham Zoo so this was an occasion that had elements of sadness with the thoughts of not getting together to sing again.

West End Waiters
West End Waiters in Concert

The joy came from doing it again on a beautiful sunny afternoon to an appreciative and friendly audience. It gave the Waiters a huge lift in their spirits to do it after such a long lockdown, not going out sort of time with the threat of Covid affecting those particularly considered ‘vulnerable’…. They are all well over 80 !

I don’t think for one minute that the Waiters won’t get together again to have a sing-a-long and there might even be the odd occasion when they will join with others to perform…….. you can’t keep a good thing down!

In fact they are thinking about a sing –a – long for the Queen’s Jubilee in the garden of 30 Thetford Road – keep an eye out for the details if you would like to come along.

It was wonderful on Sunday when people were so generous with the raffle and collection buckets. After a further generous donation covering the cost of the hall a cheque for £500 will be sent to the Motor Neurone Disease Association for further research into this terrible disease, we are most grateful.

The Waiters have had a long association with both the Watton Inner Wheel Club and Watton Rotary Club and again on Sunday both were helping. Where would we be without the ladies who make such delicious cakes and cups of tea and deal with it all with such friendship and generosity of spirit? The menfolk were busy moving chairs and tables at the beginning and end and again being with us in spirit… and over the years many of the Waiters have been Rotarians after Ken initially recruited his friends from the club at that time.
The end of an era? Never! As the song goes “We’ll meet again”
Brenda Davis Part of team Waiters!