West Norfolk Aviation Society December 2021

It was a dark and stormy night when the crew of the WNAS returned to the Mundford Bowls club base last Tuesday evening. The few that didn’t make it back for fear that their high sided vehicles would be overturned in the wind deprived themselves of entertainment they will regret for weeks to come.

Steve and Jean again, provided the ammunition to shoot at the ten foot screen. It took the form of long range stills that Steve had shot himself with a camera that could compress an image from two miles into two feet; the same distance that existed between participants’ wing tips. The fighter squadrons in the field of view were multinational: those represented were British, French, Spanish, Italian, American and Jordanian. It was the consensus of opinion in the mess that the Italians were best and, having met all crews, it was Steve’s opinion that the Jordanians were the friendliest.

After the Fare-stewardess’s banquet Steve returned to the cockpit with a period movie demonstrating how pilot training and experience was paramount to an aircraft’s safety, particularly when it was landing. The scenario was proven by a series of clips of battered B24 Liberators making various attempts. The film showed how a skilful pilot could not only cope with an aircraft’s inherent foibles but also the way he adapted his landing strategy to the type of damage the aircraft had suffered. 

To demonstrate the society’s appreciation for the caterers’ culinary qualifications Val and Len were presented with a rose bush in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. 

The next meeting will be later than usual: 19-30hrs Tuesday, 11th January.

All welcome. Nigel Tooth