West Norfolk Aviation Society

The vision one received when first arriving at the Mundford Bowls Club this month was not that of a band of riotous aeronautical enthusiasts but instead, gave the impression one had mistakenly joined a gathering at a catering exhibition with tables adorned with mouth-watering morsels all created by the fare-hostess, Val.

After our last meeting it had been anticipated that we would be brandishing our own cinema environment but, unfortunately, this was not to be. Following a delivery hitch the problem was overcome by crew members Steve and Jean who came to the rescue with their own set-up consisting of a ten foot screen with hi-fi sound and vision equipment. This, in conjunction with David’s video recording of ‘The World’s Greatest Air Shows’ compensated for any disappointments.

Not only did the film depict clips of barnstorming pioneers in action – some out of action — but also, aeronautical participants from all periods leading up to the modern day.

Described as well, were the comments made about the psychology of entertainment; a PR exercise in allowing exponents to show off and provide an audience with what it seems to need: thrill producing images of risk-taking aeronauts challenging themselves, their machinery and the environment but, not each other; a team of performers working together without animated opponents.

It was interesting to contrast this with other thrill producing scenarios. Take football for instance: another spectacle with audience appeal but, with a difference; losers as well as winners. It has to be asked whether it is as satisfying to witness humiliation as it is to witness victory.

Wikipedia sites the figure of 90,000 paying supporters at Wembley on FA cup final days whereas 185,000 tickets were sold to spectators at the Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford. Perhaps this is an unfair comparison if one doesn’t take every parameter into account.

We would also like to thank bartender Len who always fronts an exemplary side-show on our behalf.

Our next meeting will be held at the same prestigious venue on Tuesday 7th December at 19-00hrs. All welcome; even footballers and their supporters.

Nigel Tooth